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CARING FOR CANVAS - Acrylic canvas is manufactured and design to withstand the harshness of the environment. There are, however, a few simple ways you can take to help the cover last and prolong its appearance:

  • Hose down regularly with fresh water and give a gentle brush to help remove any surface dust or dirt. This prevents any dirt becoming ingrained in the weave of the material.
  • For more ingrained dirt or stains use warm water below 30 degrees and a soft soap solution, ensuring you rinse any soap from the cover thoroughly.


CARING FOR PVC - When cleaning vinyl remember to do the following:

  • Avoid harsh cleaning products and solvent chemicals.
  • Use water or mild dish detergent.
  • Use soft, non-abrasive cloths to wipe down the material.
  • Remember to make sure you’ve wiped down your vinyl product and that it’s dry before storage.

Before placing your cover into storage it should be dried and cleaned to prevent mould and mildew. Do not use jet or pressure washers to clean your cover as it can damage the fabric. Don't use any chlorine or bleach based products as these may discolour or damage the yarns. Allow your cover to dry naturally.




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